Are you struggling in your life or your relationship?

Do you feel scared, hurt, lonely, depressed, or anxious?

We understand your pain and our online courses are here to help you or the ones you love in the battle to overcome sexual addiction, heal from sexual betrayal, or improve your relationship intimacy.

We promise there is hope as you go with us on this journey to a better life -- a better you.

Picture of Dr. Kevin Skinner.

Hi, I’m Dr. Kevin Skinner

I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist that has specialized in treating individuals and couples for the past twenty years. My team and I have put together these courses to give you the skills and resources you need for hope and recovery. I've spent my life helping individuals and couples deal with sexual addiction and relationship intimacy. Now I've taken much of what we do in therapy with my clients and bundled it into these online courses so you can get the help you no matter where you are.